The Best “Ab Workouts” for your Lifestyle

If you really want to get rock hard abs, then you are not only going to have to exercise properly and regularly but also reduce body fat around the mid-section.  Many professional bodybuilders will tell you that “abs are made in the kitchen”.  You can work out your abs on a regular schedule and still never see a visible six-pack if the muscles are covered in body fat.  So pay attention to your diet if you really want to get results.

Some of us prefer to hit the gym, carving six-pack abs using machines and barbells.  Others need to work out on the road, either in your hotel room or in a rather limited hotel fitness center.  Still others like to workout at home or in the office.  Here are a few optional abs programs to fit just about any lifestyle.

Weighted Ab Workouts

 The Ab Crunch Machine:  This is that rather large, bulky machine that you sit in with your arms bent at the elbow and locked into place.  Your legs are also locked into place with the ankle attachments.  This machine allows you to perform movements similar to a standard abdominal crunch but with added weight to increase resistance.

  • Barbell Ab Rollout:  Think of this as a type of rolling pushup where the barbell is used for the wheels.  Start with your feet firmly planted on the floor and your body bent at the waist in a 90 degree angle, firmly holding the barbell at your feet.  Gently roll the weights forward, extending the abdominals.  Then roll back into place.
  • Rope Crunch:  Using the cable machine, attach the rope and kneel on the ground approximately 1 or 2 feet in front of the machine.  With your torso upright, grasp the rope with two hands and bend forward until your elbows touch the floor.  Pause for a few seconds.  Then repeat.  Add some twists for working out the obliques.
  • Other exercises might include dumbbell side bend raises, seated cable crunches, wood-chops, and the seated barbell twist.


Ab Workouts for Home, Office, or “On the Road”

 This is a great 5-step workout that can be done anywhere at any time. For each exercise, start with perhaps 25 reps for each exercise and build up.


  1. Reverse Crunch:  Lay with your back flat on the floor and your hands underneath the buttocks or the base of the spine. Raise your feet over your head in a 90 degree angle.  Keep your legs as straight as possible.
  2. Knee Raises:  While in the same position, now bend your knees, trying to touch your knees to your chin or forehead.
  3. Crunches:  While laying on your back, bend your legs at the waist so that your shins are parallel to the floor.  Next place your hands behind your head.  Now perform a standard crunch, holding each rep for a few seconds before extending your head and feet all the way to the floor once again between each rep.
  4. Side Crunches:  In the same position, twist your waist to the left or right so that your knees are touching the floor.  Now perform a crunch with your body bent in this “L” shaped position.  This works the obliques.  Repeat the 25 reps on each side.
  5. Planks:  Get into a prone position, face towards the floor.  Your weight should be supported by your toes in the back and your elbows in the front, bent at a 90 degree angle with forearms flat on the floor.  Hold this position for as long as you can.  Planks are one of the best Ab Workouts ever and can be even more effective with deer antler spray!

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